The Litchfield Farms Homeowners Association will be holding the Annual meeting on May 21, 2024 at 7pm (via Zoom).


If you have not voted for the upcoming Annual Election, you can vote online by clicking the link below:


 Online Ballot

Ballots must be received by May 21, 2024 at noon


Please remember only one vote per lot. If we receive an electronic ballot and an online ballot, one of them will be void.


You may view here online and if you like, may request Dunn-Edwards to mail the actual color scheme samples to your home.  You may simply click the Dunn-Edwards Contact Us link and request the samples.


Here are all of the new approved Color Schemes for you to view from the convenience of your home:


Litchfield Farms HOA Color Schemes from Dunn-Edwards


The nearest Dunn-Edwards Paint Store is located at 1468 N Litchfield Park Rd, Goodyear, AZ.  Their phone number is 623-935-2260.


We hope this partnership between the Litchfield Farms Homeowners Association, Dunn-Edwards and Royer Association Management makes it easier for you to select the paint scheme of your choice.


You will have to submit an Architectural form if you plan on changing to a different color scheme.


Another advantage being part of the Litchfield Farms Association is that you receive a discount from Dunn-Edwards.  The Discount Code from Dunn-Edwards is 188531-000 and please request this discount for which you will receive 37% off LIST PRICE on all Dunn-Edwards manufactured paint products.


Monthly Bulk Trash Pickup is  the 2nd Thursday of each month.  Please place bulk trash at curb-side prior to 6AM on that day.

Please carefully read the requirements for Bulk Trash pick-up from Waste Management.  If homeowners do not properly bundle their bulk trash piles, Waste Management will tag it and provide you an option to call them (at a cost of $75) to pickup your bulk trash at a later date.


Waste Management driver will only pickup bulk trash bundled in a 6 ft by 8 ft area (the size of the back of a pickup).

We now are able to email a *PDF statement to you each month with your current HOA assessment balance and payments.


If you have previously agreed to receive electronic-only communication from the Association, you will begin automatically receiving the email with your *PDF statement on a monthly basis.


If you have not previously signed-up, you may click here to agree to paperless only statements from the Association.

We would ask that you consider using your driveway instead of parking on the street in the Litchfield Farms Community.  It is difficult for other homeowners to drive down the street, as well as Fire Department vehicles to respond to an emergency if cars are parked on both sides of the street in front of your home.


Thank you for your willingess to consider your neighbors by asking your guests to park in your driveway!


Homeowners may access the HOA Portal to review their accounts and make payments.

Trash & Recycle Pick-Up Day is each Tuesday, except on holidays (see below). Here is a link of items that you may (and may not) be included in your recycle trash.


Bulk Trash Pick-up is the 2nd Thursday of each month, except on holidays (see below).


Holiday Schedule: Pick-up is delayed by one day for the following Holidays:


New Year's Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day


All other holidays, pick-up will be normal schedule.


The following are the Meeting Dates for 2024:


January 16th @ 7pm


March 19th @ 7pm


May 21st @ 7pm (Annual)


August 20th @7pm


October 22nd @ 7pm (Budget)


(Zoom link will be emailed out and posted to the Homeowner Portal with the proposed agenda)


The purpose of the meeting is to discuss business of the association properly brought to the board of directors.


Executive Session Meeting

(directly following the Board meeting)

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